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With Doctor4U, start offering HIPAA-compliant video visits to your patients. Discuss treatment plans, review lab/imaging results and adjust medications

Today’s healthcare environment requires practices to see as many patients as possible per day in order to be profitable. Video visits are one of the easiest, most cost-effective
resources to which increasingly more practices are turning.

Telehealth video visits increase a provider’s efficiency and reduce in-office overheads. This makes it possible for practitioners to see more patients or spend more time on each visit.

The ease-of-access for patients makes it more likely they will keep appointments they schedule, they will follow the provider’s instructions and will follow up with care. It also allows practitioners to balance work and life by enabling them to work from home, choose their own hours and reduce the amount of time it takes to see patients.



Our Home Care Monitoring solution serves a variety of healthcare organizations, hospital systems, non-medical home care organizations, assisted living communities and direct to consumer private pay options.

This telehealth technology helps healthcare providers manage large remote patient populations through the use of evidence-based clinical protocols, and pro-actively intervene through video visits or phone calls, before patient’s conditions become more serious, thus preventing readmissions and unnecessary emergency department visits.

The tablet-based home care monitor makes it easy for patients to collect their own biometrics using reliable wireless and wired monitoring devices (blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, weight scale and glucose monitoring devices,) answer disease-specific questions and access to information, from disease-specific resources to broad-scale nutritional materials relevant to their own health and wellness.


The medical devices you will need for your telehealth program will vary on the services you plan to provide. Our products include telehealth carts, telehealth kits and the home care monitoring kit with the medical devices needed to perform a clinical patient exam.

In order to meet your specific program requirements, our integrated products are designed to be configured with the telehealth medical devices, technology, and our software solution you need for your clinical application.

ITeT portable telehealth home care kit
ITeT telehealth powered eCart
ITeT telehealth powered eCart
ITeTs Multi-purpose Telehealth Kit
ITeT portable telehealth home care kit
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